Overview of Working with Survey Data
Concept Procedure

You can manage survey data on the Survey tab of the Task Pane

AutoCAD Map 3D allows you to manage survey point data. You can import survey points in LandXML or ASCII format, view point data in the Point Table (a survey-point specific version of the Data Table), edit survey points, add points using coordinate geometry commands, and export points to LandXML format. Using the bulk copy feature, you can also export points to another data store to create geospatial features. For example, if each survey point represents a telephone pole, you can export the points to an SDF file called “Telephone_poles.sdf.” You can then add “Telephone_poles.sdf” to your map using Data Connect and work with the point data as geospatial features.

Survey data is kept in a dedicated SDF data store. You can add new properties and classes to the survey data store schema, but be careful not to alter or remove the existing properties and classes. Points in a survey data store are in read-only mode until you click the Edit button at the top of the Task Pane. You can reorganize survey points without entering Edit mode (for example, you can move points between point groups). Clicking Edit puts AutoCAD Map 3D into direct edit mode, which means that any changes you make to the points in AutoCAD Map 3D are immediately applied to the data store. When working with survey data, you must work online. If you work offline, AutoCAD Map 3D disconnects from the survey data store, and the survey tree disappears.