Exercise 4: Save the properties to a new data store

The Parcels layer now displays joined data. However, the joined data in the Data Table is gray. The gray text reflects the fact that the joined data is not part of the original data store. You cannot edit it or use it in a calculated property.

You can save the layer out to a new data store, which will make the joined properties available as native properties in the future.

NoteThis exercise saves the layer as an SDF data store. You can use Bulk Copy to save joined and calculated properties to other geospatial data formats. For more information, see Migrating GIS Data (Bulk Copy)
NoteThis exercise uses the map you modified in Exercise 3: Join the ODBC data to the Parcels layer.

To save the original and joined properties to a new data store

  1. In Display Manager, right-click the Parcels layer and click Export Layer Data To SDF.

    Save the layer to a new SDF file to make the joined attributes available for editing.

  2. Specify a location and name for the SDF file and click Save.
  3. Create a map.
    • Click New Drawing.
    • Select the map2d.dwt template.
  4. Assign a coordinate system to the new map.
    • Switch the Task Pane to Map Explorer.
    • Right-click the Current Drawing entry and click Coordinate System.
    • Specify the CA-I coordinate system.
  5. Connect to the new SDF file.
    • In Display Manager, click Data Connect To Data.
    • In the Data Connect window, under Data Connections By Provider, click Add SDF Connection.
    • Click the file icon next to the Source File field and navigate to the new SDF file.
    • Select the new SDF file and click Open.
    • Click Connect.
    • Click Add To Map.
  6. Right-click the Parcels layer from the new SDF file and click Table.
  7. In the Data Table, scroll to the right.

    The joined properties are no longer gray. They are native properties of the new SDF file.

  8. Leave the Data Table open for the next exercise.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 5: Create a calculated property.