Splitting Features
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To split a feature into two parts, for example a parcel, use the MAPFEATURESPLIT command. The resulting feature property values are determined by the rules specified in the Split and Merge Rules dialog box.

You can choose to ignore the rules specified in Split and Merge Rules dialog box by turning on Ignore Split and Merge Rules.

Split Prompt Options

When you split a feature, you are prompted during the operation. You can set defaults for some of these options and specify whether to display those prompts during the split operation or not.

Splitting Features with Polygons

If you use a polygon (or mpolygon) to split a feature, the output is divided into two groups (inside and outside). The groups are collected into as few multipart types as possible without creating heterogeneous geometric types. A multipart feature is created for each distinct geometric type (point, line, polygon) that was in the input.

In the following example, a polygon was used to split a line. The lines outside the polygon become a multiline feature.

The line segment inside the polygon becomes a line feature (shown in blue on the right). The line segments outside the polygon become a multiline feature (shown in red).

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