Editing Features with AutoCAD Commands
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By default, many common AutoCAD editing commands (such as PEDIT, JOIN, ROTATE, and TRIM) can be used on features directly.

Use PEDIT on a single or multipart feature. You can edit polygonal features and linear features (with or without M or Z values), but not point features. You can use the Join option to connect linear features. For single linear features, the feature ID for the first feature you selected is used for the resulting feature. For multipart linear features, you can join only features whose end points touch; the first selected feature is updated using the current Merge rules.

You can use JOIN command on non-closed linear features with or without M or Z values. If the features are all on the same layer, the geometry and attributes of the source feature are updated, using the current Merge rules. The joined feature is removed.

You can use the following AutoCAD OSNAP modes when editing features:

If there is an AutoCAD operation you cannot perform on a feature, you can extract the feature geometry, edit it using AutoCAD commands, and then update the feature geometry. Feature data and rules are preserved.

You can also merge AutoCAD geometry with existing features directly, without extracting feature geometry first.

NoteWhen you use EXPLODE on features, they are converted to AutoCAD drawing objects.

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