Grid Data Files for Australia and New Zealand
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AutoCAD Map 3D comes with grid data files for Australia and New Zealand. These files are installed in folders under the Autodesk shared coordinate system folder, by default C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Geospatial Coordinate Systems.

Following is a table of the grid data files and GDC files used for Australia and New Zealand.

Area Transformation Grid Data File (GSB) GDC File
Australia AGD84 to GDA94 QLD_1299.gsb Agd84ToGda94.gdc
Victoria AGD66 to GDA94 vic_0799.gsb Agd66ToGda94.gdc
Tasmania AGD66 to GDA94 tas_1098.gsb Agd66ToGda94.gdc
Northern Territory AGD66 to GDA94 Nt_0599.gsb Agd66ToGda94.gdc
New Zealand New Zealand nzgd2kgrid9911.gsb Nzgd49ToNzgd2K.gdc

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