Linking Database (SQL) Records as You Digitize
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To link database records as you digitize

  1. On the command line, enter MAPDIGISETUP. Press Enter.
  2. Under Object Type, select the object type to digitize.
  3. Select Attach Data. Click Data To Attach.
  4. In the Data to Attach dialog box, under Object Data Type, select Database Link.
  5. For Link Template, select the link template to use.
  6. Specify a Record Validation method. Click OK.
  7. For information on completing the other options in the Digitize Setup dialog box, see To set digitizing specifications.
  8. Click OK.
  9. On the command line, enter MAPDIGITIZE to begin digitizing.

AutoCAD Map 3D prompts you for a key value for each object. The database validation option you select here determines what happens as you enter a value for each digitized object: