Set Property Alterations dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to specify how drawing objects found in a query will be modified as they are brought into the current drawing.

To modify objects as they are retrieved by a query

Click Home tabData panelDefine Query. At the Command prompt, enter adequery.

You can alter object properties such as color, layer, block name, or thickness, or you can add text to objects. In addition, you can create a range table that modifies objects in different ways based on where they fall in a range of values.

Property alteration is a fast way to modify a group of objects. For example, make objects stand out in their source drawings by adding color or hatch, move a group of objects to a new layer, or add informational text.

Note To have a property alteration take effect, execute a Draw mode query. Property alterations do not work in Preview or Report mode queries.

To save property alterations back to source drawings, add the objects to the save set.

Current Property Alterations list

View all expressions in the property alteration list.


Copy the selected expression to the expression section of the dialog box, where you can modify it.


Delete the selected expression.

Clear List

Remove all expressions from the Current Property Alterations list.

Select Property area

Select the property to alter.

To change the color of retrieved blocks, the color of the components of the source drawing block must be BYBLOCK. Otherwise, the block retains its original colors.

Color alterations on a bitonal raster image affect both the image and the boundary. On multiple color raster images, the alteration affects only the boundary.


Select the property to alter.


Display the Define Text dialog box, where you specify text to add, and its height, insertion point, justification, text style, layer, color, and rotation.


Display the Hatch Options dialog box, where you specify the hatch to add.

Expression area

Use this area to create or modify an expression that defines how you want to alter a property on objects that are found by the query.

To modify an existing expression, select it in the Current Property Alterations list. Click Edit. When you finish modifying the expression, click Update.

To create a new expression, enter the expression in the Expression box. Use Values, Property, Data, and SQL to help you create the expression. When you are done, click Add.

Each expression must list the property to modify, and how to modify it. To modify objects based on where they fall in a range of values, select an existing range table from the Range list, or create a new table using the Ranges.

Expression box

Enter the expression to add to the Current Property Alterations list.

Range list

Display the current range table.

To see a list of all range tables defined in the current drawing, click the down arrow.


Display the Define Range Table dialog box, where you can create a new range table.


Add the current expression to the Current Property Alterations list.


Update the edited expression in the Current Property Alterations list.


For the property selected in the Select Property area, display all values in the active drawings.


Display the Expression dialog box, which lists all properties, object data fields, and SQL link template fields in the active source drawings.