Overview of Digitizing Maps
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Digitizing is the process of converting paper-based graphical information into a digital format. When you digitize a map, you use drawing commands to trace data from the paper map into a DWG file.

Digitizing lets you take information from raster images or paper maps, and enter it into a digital map. Move your cursor over the image to see the results.

Planning for Digitizing

Before you begin to digitize, consider the following:

If possible, plan on completing all digitizing for one map in one session because the map media may distort over time.

Digitizing Linear Objects

Linear objects are objects such as lines, arcs, and polylines.

Digitizing Topology

When digitizing data that will be used to create a topology, follow these principles to achieve the most accurate results.

After you digitize the linear elements that form the basis of the topology, you should clean up any problems before you create the topology.

Digitizing Control Data Points and Monuments

When you are trying to match digitized maps with existing digital maps, you can use some known-to-be-accurate points common to both maps.

When you are digitizing a map, use the following procedures to establish known control points:

Placing Annotation

While you are digitizing, you can add text to indicate nodes or important locations on a map. Use the STYLE command to define a text style that uses a simple font, such as isocp.shx, with a fixed text height so that you do not have to enter a text height each time you enter text. You can modify the text style and height when you finish digitizing.

Use the TEXT command to enter text as you digitize. Text should be single-line entries on the same layer as the feature it describes. If required, enter complex or lengthy text with the MTEXT command after you finish digitizing. For more information, look up "text" in the Help index.

Try to avoid overlaying the insertion point of the text and end points of the objects you are annotating.

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