Importing VPF (Vector Product Format) Files
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You can import Vector Product Format (VPF) files into AutoCAD Map 3D. You cannot export to this format.

VPF is a standard format, structure, and organization for large geographic databases that are based on a georelational data model. It is commonly used by military departments and defense agencies.

The VPF specification is available on the National Imaging and Mapping Agency (NIMA) web site


By default, AutoCAD Map 3D considers Vector Product Format (VPF) a multi-select, file-based format, that is, you select one or more individual files during a single import process. You can edit the mapimport.ini file to specify that all files in the folder are included in the import or that only one file can be selected for import.

NoteVPF data sets can be very large. You can use a spatial filter to limit the size of the DWG you create from VPF data. See Specifying an Area to Import.

Driver Options

VPF has no import driver options.

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