Using Query Library Categories
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To add a category to the query library

  1. Click Create tabObject Query panelLibrary. At the Command prompt, enter adequerylib.
  2. In the Query Library Administration dialog box, do one of the following:
    • To add a category, under Category, click New.

      Enter a name for the category. Click OK. Do not include spaces in the name.

    • To assign a query to a different category, under Category, select the current category of the query.

      From the Available Queries list, select the query. Click Category.

      In the Change Category dialog box, under New Category, select the new category for the query. Click OK.

    • To change the name or description of a query, under Category, select the category for the query.

      Under Available Queries, select the query.

      Under Selected Query, edit the name or description of the query . For external queries, you can specify a new location for the query.

      Click Update.

    • To delete or rename a category, select the category and click Remove or Rename.

      You cannot remove a category that contains queries. You must first delete the queries or move the queries to a different category and then remove the empty category.

  3. Click OK.