Configuring Memory Use
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AutoCAD Map 3D reserves 25% of the total physical memory (RAM) on your system for inserting images with the Raster Extension. If you increase the default amount, more of the physical memory is used for images and less is available for other operations in AutoCAD Map 3D and for other applications you might be running.

If you require additional memory for your images, the Raster Extension uses a temporary swap file. For example, if you insert a 100 MB file, and the Memory Limit is 8 MB, AutoCAD Map 3D stores the remaining 92 MB in a temporary file. You can specify where the swap file is created.

You can change the following Raster Extension memory settings:

Note The more physical RAM you have, the higher you can make your Memory Limit. The higher the Memory Limit, the less swapping to hard disk occurs and the faster your images load and display. However, do not allocate all available physical RAM because doing so slows overall performance.
Note Close and restart AutoCAD Map 3D after adjusting these settings.
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