Topology Statistics dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to view information about the selected topology.

To view topology statistics

Click Map Setup tabTopology panelStatistics. At the Command prompt, enter maptopostats.

Selected Topology area


Displays the name of the current topology.


Displays the description of the topology.


Displays the type of topology. Topologies can be Node, Network, or Polygon.

Extents area

This area displays the coordinates of the lower-left corner and upper-right corner of the bounding rectangle for the selected topology.

Object Counts area

This area displays the total number of nodes, links, and polygons in the selected topology.

Details area

This area displays area and perimeter information for polygon topologies, and length information for network topologies. It does not apply to node topologies.

Perimeter is the sum of all of the edges in a polygon topology (not just the outer edge of the topology).

Variance is the average of the squares of any given area, perimeter, or length minus the square of the average.

Deviation is the square root of variance.