Rubber Sheeting Two Maps
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

Rubber sheet the less accurate data to fit the more accurate data. Perform a query to bring in the source drawing and apply rubber sheeting to the two maps. If you have set up a system of control points, or monuments, use this data as the reference to which you rubber sheet other maps.

To rubber sheet two maps

  1. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelRubber Sheet. At the Command prompt, enter adersheet.
  2. When prompted on the command line for Base point 1, specify the first common feature on map 2, the warped map.
  3. When prompted on the command line for Reference point 1, specify the corresponding feature on map 1, the accurate map.
  4. Follow the prompts on the command line and continue specifying base and reference points. When you are done, press Enter.

    The order in which you select the points and the spread of the points will affect the results. For complex curved figures, the more vertices you enter, the more accurate the proportionate stretching.

  5. Select the objects to rubber sheet. Enter a to select objects by area, or s to select objects individually. If you queried all objects in the warped map onto their own layer, select that layer.
  6. Press Enter to complete the process.