Trim Objects At Boundary dialog box

Use this dialog box to trim objects at a specified boundary, excluding either what is inside the boundary (Trim Inside Boundary), or what is outside (Trim Outside Boundary). The trimmed objects are created new in the current drawing and do not retain links to their source drawings.

To trim objects inside a boundary

Click Tools tabMap Edit panelBoundary Trim. At the Command prompt, enter maptrim.

Trim Inside / Trim Outside  
Given some drawing data...
And a trim boundary...
Trim Inside looks like this...
And Trim Outside looks like this...


Specify what to use as the boundary.

Reference Last Query Boundary

Use the last spatial boundary that was referenced in a query.

Select Boundary

Use an existing object as the boundary. Click Select to select a closed polyline or circle for the boundary.

Define Boundary

Use selected points to specify the boundary. Click Define to select at least three points for the boundary. The boundary cannot cross itself.

Objects to Trim

Select the objects to trim.

Select Automatically

Trim all objects within or crossing the boundary.

Select Manually

Trim only selected objects. Click Select to select the objects to trim.

Filter Selected Objects

Select only objects that are on the specified layers or blocks. These filters are used for both automatic and manual selection.

Filter On Layers

Trim only objects on selected layers. Click Layers to select from the layers in the current drawing. If circle objects cross the selected boundary, they are converted to arcs before they are trimmed.

Trim Method

Set rules for the trim operation.

Trim Inside/Outside Boundary

Specify whether to trim all objects inside the specified boundary and cut a hole in the drawing, or whether to trim all objects outside the boundary and create a neat border.

Skip Topology Objects

Protect topology data. Objects with topology data are not trimmed.

Retain Object Data

Duplicate object data and external database links on each piece of the trimmed object. If you clear this option, the data remains attached only to the original location.

Objects That Cannot Be Trimmed

Specify what to do with objects that cannot be trimmed, such as text.


Do not delete the objects.


Delete the objects.

Reference Insertion Point

Delete an object only if its insertion point is inside the area to trim.