Logging Into AutoCAD Map 3D
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When you log into AutoCAD Map 3D, your work environment is automatically set up as it was last saved, including user privileges and user-specific options.

Depending on your organization, you may be required to log in. System Administrators can set this AutoCAD Map 3D multi-user option.

If user login is not required, you can work with AutoCAD Map 3D without logging in. However, you can log in at anytime to restore settings that you have saved to your user name or to use privileges associated with your user name.

User Privileges

To perform some AutoCAD Map 3D commands, you must be logged in as a user with the appropriate privileges.

Example: To change Multi-user settings in the AutodCAD Map Options dialog box, you must have Superuser privileges.

The default superuser name is SuperUser (not case sensitive), and the default superuser password is SUPERUSER (case sensitive).

Tip You can customize many AutoCAD Map 3D settings. Some of these customizations are saved to your user name. To customize the settings differently for each drawing, set up multiple user names and log in with the appropriate name for each drawing.
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