Creating Closed Polylines from a Polygon Topology
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create closed polylines from a polygon topology

  1. Click Create tabTopology panelCreate Closed Polylines. At the Command prompt, enter mapclpline.
  2. In the Create Closed Polylines dialog box, click Load to load the polygon topology or select from the Name list.

    All polygons in the selected topology are automatically selected.

  3. Under How to Close, specify the layer to create the polylines.
  4. Select Group Complex Polygons if you want to create a group containing all the elements of complex areas, such as islands.
  5. Select Copy Object Data From Centroid To Pline and Copy Database Links From Centroid To Pline if you want to copy the object data and external database links held in the centroids to the closed polylines.
  6. Click OK.