Australian Datum Transformation and Coordinate System Changes
Concept Procedure

To use the new high accuracy GDA94 datum

  1. Reassign one of the following coordinate systems to your drawing:
    • AMG66-49-Grid through AMG66-57-Grid
    • AMG-49-Grid through AMG-57-Grid
    • MGA-48-Grid through MGA-58-Grid
    • ISG_54-2-Grid through ISG_56-2-Grid
    • SGC-Grid
    • VICT-Grid
    • LL-AGD84-Grid

    For example, if you have a drawing that uses AM666-49, reassign it to AM666-49-Grid before using GDA94.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • To define a new coordinate system using high accuracy datum transformations, use ASTRLA66-Grid and ASTRLA84-Grid.
    • To define a new coordinate system using the 3-Dimensional Similarity Transformations, use ASTRLA66-7P, STRLA66-Tasm-7P, ASTRLA66-VictNSW-7P, ASTRLA66-ACT-7P, and ASTRLA84-7P.