Zoom Drawing Extents dialog box

Use this dialog box to zoom to the extents of a set of drawings.

To zoom to the extents of selected drawings

In the Map Classic workspace, click Map Setup tabMap panelZoom Drawing Extents. In the Map Classic workspace, at the Command prompt, enter adezextents.

Select the drawings you want. Click OK. The display zooms to the extents of the selected drawings. Drawing extents are the bounds of the area occupied by objects.

Select Active Drawings to Zoom list

Lists all active drawings attached to the current drawing.

Select the drawings to use to define the extents.

Select All

Highlight all drawings in the list.

Clear All

Remove the highlighting from all drawings in the list.


Select Filter to turn the current drawing filter on or off.

When the filter is on, only drawings that match the filter are displayed. If the parent drawing of a nested drawing is filtered, the nested drawing is not displayed, even if it matches the filter.

To create or change the filter, click Filter. In the Drawing Set Display Filter dialog box, you can create separate filters for file names and descriptions.