Section views
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When you create a section view, you draw a line that defines where to cut the section view. A section view can also be created by specifying a line in a drawing sketch that is associated with the parent view.

In the following image, a section view was used to expose components for ballooning.

A view cutting line knows what types of views can be projected from it. Depending on how the line is created, it can define the type of section view or define a boundary for a partial view.

The length of the cutting line defines the extent of the section view. A cutting line that passes only partially through the model view results in a partial section view.

If you draw the view cutting line outside the parent view, it defines a plane from which to project an auxiliary view.

  • In an assembly view, components can be excluded from sectioning. In the browser, right-click the component to exclude, and then select None.
  • When creating a child (dependent) view, the section attributes of the parent view are copied to the child view, but they are not associative. Section view attributes changed on the parent do not affect the child. You can modify the settings without affecting the parent view attributes.
  • Section and visibility settings are copied to projected views. All views provide independent control of section and visibility settings. Changes to settings only affect the view where the changes of the contents settings are made.
  • The section and visibility settings of a view affect the results of a breakout view operation.
  • Section views based on presentations show trails. You can turn visibility of one or all trails on and off.
  • If you used inferred or explicit constraints to place the view cutting line, you must edit the sketch to remove the constraints before you can drag the constrained points or line segments.
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