Create drawing templates
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Create drawing templates

All new drawing files are created with a template. A default template is provided for each drafting standard or you can create your own templates.

You can create a template from a drawing, preserving annotations on drawing sheets, such as custom symbols, notes, and revision tables. In addition, your borders, title blocks and view definitions can be retained in the template. View annotations and general notes are not saved in a template.

NoteThe default drawing templates are named standard.[file extension] and are located in the Templates folder. To replace the default template, rename standard.[file extension] to avoid deleting it, and then replace it with the customized template named standard.[file extension].
To replace or create a IDW default template
Create a DWG template in Autodesk Inventor from an IDW template
Create a .dwg template in Autodesk Inventor from an AutoCAD .dwg template
  • When you create a drawing from a template, all AutoCAD data is removed, except for block definitions. All block instances remain on any sheet (excluding the model space) in a template. You can place AutoCAD title blocks or borders on a sheet and use them in Autodesk Inventor. Any AutoCAD data that needs to remain on a sheet must be placed into a block.
  • When using a style library, style definitions are refreshed from the library when creating a file using a template.