Create a custom title block format
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Create a custom title block format

You can customize title block formats in the standard drawing templates or you can create your own title block formats.

  1. Open an .idw file. Click Manage tab Define panel Title Block . The current sheet becomes an active sketch.
  2. Use the commands on the Sketch tab to draw the title block.
  3. On the Sketch tab, Draw panel, click Text to insert text, and then click in the graphics window to place the insertion point for the text box, or drag to define the area of the text box.
  4. In the Format Text dialog box, select the text type, and set the text formatting. When you use the Property fields, information in the drawing is automatically updated when changes are made to the model.
  5. When the title block is complete, right-click in the sketch window, and select Save Title Block. Enter the name of the new title block.

The new title block is added to the Drawing Resources folder in the drawing browser.

  • To reorder title block formats, drag the title block format to the appropriate position in the Title Blocks list.
  • To copy a title block format to another drawing, right-click a title block format, and choose Copy from the menu. Open the destination drawing, right-click the Title Blocks entry, and choose Paste.
  • Use the Drawing Resource Transfer wizard to transfer title blocks and other drawing resources from a source drawing to one or more destination drawings.