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Style and Standard Editor - Sheet Metal Unfold

Lists the sheet metal unfolding rules in the active document or global style library (depending on the filter setting of Local or All Styles). Specifies unfolding method (linear or bend table) as well as units, backup KFactor value and bend table tolerances.


Click Manage tab Styles and Standards panel Styles Editor

In the browser pane, click Sheet Metal Unfold, and then click the sheet metal unfold style name to display the selections and values used while unfolding in the right portion of the dialog.

Click the expand/collapse “+” to the left of the Sheet Metal Unfold entry in the left-hand portion of the Style and Standard Editor dialog box to display the list of existing rules. Select an existing sheet metal unfold rule to display its option settings.

Back - return to the previously edited style. You are prompted to save the previous edits.

New - create new styles. Select the Add to Standard check box to add to the available styles list in the active standard style.

Save - save changes to an existing style in the current document.

Reset - return style values to the saved values.

Location Filter - show Local Styles or All Styles (from the library) in the browser.

Unfold Method

Dropdown selection specifies one of three unfold method options. The option selected will determine the options, attributes and controls that are displayed as described in the following sections:

Bend Table
Custom Equation

Import - use to import a material style exported from another document.

Done - after saving changes, click to dismiss the Styles and Standard Editor dialog.