Fillet features
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

Fillets or rounds are placed features that round off or cap interior or exterior corners or features of a part. You can create:

  • Edge fillets - fillets created based on selected edges. The fillets can be of constant or variable-radius, of different sizes, and of different continuity (tangent or smooth G2), all of which can be created in a single operation. All fillets and rounds created in a single operation become a single feature.
  • Face fillets - fillets created between two faces or face sets. The faces need not share an edge. Any small edges and irregular geometry are blended over by the fillet.
  • Full round fillets - variable-radius fillets that are tangent to three adjacent faces or face sets. The center face set is replaced by a variable-radius fillet.
NoteAll Fillets and All Rounds are not available as assembly features.
How do constant and variable radius fillets differ?
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