User Coordinate System (UCS)
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

UCS Settings

Set the UCS preferences such as UCS prefix in the browser or the UCS visibility in the graphics window.

Settings apply to newly inserted UCS.

UCS (User Coordinate System) is a collection of work features (three workplanes, three axes, and a center point). But unlike Origin, there can be multiple UCS in a document, and you can place and orient them differently.


In a part or assembly document, click Tools Document Settings Modeling tab in the dialog box. Click Settings in the User Coordinate System area.

Naming prefix

Sets the UCS prefix. UCS name is generated from this prefix and a numeric index.

Default plane

Select the default 2D sketch plane. Affects behavior of 2D Sketch, and Look At commands, when UCS triad is selected as an input.


Select the visibility of UCS objects.