Import a License


A license is imported when the License Transfer Utility moves a previously exported product license from the online Autodesk server to a computer. The import action completes the license transfer process, and transfers the product activation to the importing computer. The presence of an active license allows your Autodesk product to run on that computer.

To import a license

  1. On the computer where you want to import the license, start the License Transfer Utility.
    • Windows 7 or XP: Click Start menu Autodesk [Product Name] License Transfer Utility.
    • Windows 8: Right-click Start screen All Apps License Transfer Utility – [Product Name]
    • Mac OS X: Open Applications/Autodesk/[Product Name]/Licensing/License Transfer Utility.
    • Linux: Open a shell and run the following command, where <productKey> is the product key for a specific product, not a suite:
      /opt/Autodesk/Adlm/R7/bin/LTU <productKey> 2014.0.0.F -d "SA"
    Note If your product is installed on Mac OS X or Linux as part of an Autodesk Suite, you may find a shell script such as in the same folder as the application. This script will start LTU and provide the correct product key. To use the script, run it in Terminal, select the language of the user interface, and then follow the remaining steps of this procedure.

    The Import the License dialog box displays the Autodesk product name and serial number.

    NoteIf you are importing a license to replace a trial license, you will see the Update the Serial Number and Product Key dialog box. In this case, enter the required data, and then click Update.
  2. In the Import the License dialog box, click Sign In.
  3. On the Log In page, enter your Autodesk user ID and password and click Log In.
  4. On the License Import Confirmation page, click Finish.

    The license is now imported to the computer and you can run your Autodesk product on this computer. If you want to transfer the license to another computer, repeat the export and import procedures.