AutoCAD Electrical Network Deployment


The network deployment for AutoCAD® Electrical and AutoCAD® is the same, except for the sharing of symbol libraries, catalog databases, and support files.

The deployment process is initiated from the Installation wizard. In the AutoCAD Electrical Installation wizard, click Create Deployments to create various client deployment images and deployment types.

The deployment process lets you do any of the following:

As you begin a deployment, you need to select a deployment location, choose a deployment name, and specify whether silent mode is active to client installations.

Symbol Libraries, Catalog Database, and Support Files

AutoCAD Electrical installs comprehensive and intelligent symbol libraries in different industry standards.

Sample project files *.dwg
PLC Database File Editor BMP files *.bmp
PLC I/O module database ACE_PLC.MDB
AutoCAD Electrical Environment file WD.ENV
Schematic Lookup database SCHEMATIC_LOOKUP.MDB
Panel Footprint Lookup database FOOTPRINT_LOOKUP.MDB
Din Rail Excel file WDDINRL.XLS
Language Translation database WD_LANG1.MDB
Insert Component (Catalog List) file WD_PICKLIST.MDB

Use the Share Content tab of the Deployment wizard to specify whether or not to share symbol libraries, catalog databases, and support files. There is also an option to install the files to a shared network location so that multiple users can work from a common standard symbol library and parts database.

For more information about Network Deployment, please refer to the AutoCAD Network Administrator’s Guide.