About the License Transfer Utility


The License Transfer Utility is used only with stand-alone licenses. It transfers a product license online from one computer to another, and ensures that the product works only on the computer that contains the license. A suite license can also be transferred, in which case all installed suite products are disabled on the exporting computer, and enabled on the importing computer.

For some Windows-based products, you can install the License Transfer Utility from the Tools & Utilities tab of the installer. For others, you select the License Transfer Utility on the product configuration panel of the installer.

ImportantTo transfer a license, the Autodesk product or suite must be installed on both computers. In addition, you need an Internet connection, and an Autodesk user ID and password, available from the Autodesk Register Once website (https://registeronce.autodesk.com).

The License Transfer Utility is a custom stand-alone installation option. During installation, a shortcut is created. A shortcut is installed once per product, per computer.

You can transfer a license to another computer temporarily or permanently. For example, a temporary transfer enables you to use the Autodesk product on a mobile computer while your main computer is being repaired or replaced.

License transfers rely on the product serial number or product key. Before an Autodesk license can be exported, it must be activated with the serial number and product key. During license import, a previously activated and exported license is imported to a product or suite installed with the same serial number. The activation is transferred to the importing computer, completing the license transfer.

The maximum number of concurrent license exports is equal to the number of seats you own. For example, if your license covers five seats you can have up to five license exports in progress at any time.

When you upgrade your Autodesk product, you can no longer perform online license transfers of the previous license.

Although the License Transfer Utility allows you to transfer a product license between computers, your license agreement may not allow the installation of an Autodesk product on more than one computer. Consult your license agreement to find out whether your product license permits the use of the License Transfer Utility.