Importing Point Data from Land Desktop
Concept Procedure

If you need to import point data from a Land Desktop project, you can import the external Land Desktop point data (database) file into AutoCAD Civil 3D.

AutoCAD Civil 3D can import point data from an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access .mdb file into a drawing. Before you import points into AutoCAD Civil 3D, you must create a point file format that describes the layout of the point data in the point data file. For more information, see Understanding Point File Formats and Creating Point File Formats in the AutoCAD Civil 3D Help. You can add the imported points to a point group, make adjustments to the data as it is imported, including elevation adjustments, coordinate transformation, or coordinate data expansion, and specify how the imported points are numbered as they are created.

For more information, see Importing Point Data in the AutoCAD Civil 3D Help.