Understanding Points

In AutoCAD Civil 3D, you can create, work with, and manage points using a variety of commands and tools.

The points created by AutoCAD Civil 3D are called Coordinate Geometry (COGO) points, which are very different from AutoCAD point nodes. AutoCAD point nodes have only coordinate data (XYZ values) associated with them. However, COGO points, in addition to coordinate data, have a variety of properties associated with them, including point number, point name, raw (field) description, and full (expanded) description. Unlike AutoCAD point nodes, which exist in a single drawing, COGO points can be stored in a project outside a drawing and referenced by multiple users. In AutoCAD Civil 3D, the term point refers to a COGO point, not to an AutoCAD point node.

Displaying and Labeling Points

To control the appearance of a point symbol in a drawing, either select a default point symbol, or create a point symbol. For more information, see Point Styles.

You can automatically label points with predefined labeling criteria as you create points in a drawing. For more information, see Point Labels and Tables.

Editing Points

Use the Point Editor to edit point properties. For more information, see Point Properties. You can also use AutoCAD commands to edit points graphically. For more information, see Editing Points in a Drawing.

Creating Points

Choose from many point creation commands to create points. For more information, see Creating Points. You can also create points by importing point data from a file. For more information, see Importing and Exporting Points.

When you create or import points, you can use description keys to automatically control the appearance of a point in the drawing based on its raw (field) description. For more information, see Description Keys.

Managing and Organizing Points

You can group related points into point groups using a variety of criteria. You can use point groups to control the appearance of points in a drawing, to create surfaces, or to export selected points to a file. For more information, see Point Groups.

Use a project to manage and protect the points needed for a design project. When you use a project as a central repository for your project points, the points can be viewed and copied by others, but not necessarily modified.

Points Tutorial