Point Styles
Concept Procedure

Point styles control how point symbols display in a drawing.

Manage point styles the same way you manage all object styles in AutoCAD Civil 3D, using the Toolspace Settings tree. In the Settings tree, all objects have a standard object style grouping called an object style collection, which you use to create, edit, copy, and delete the styles for that object. For more information, see The Object Style Collection (Settings Tree).

When defining a point style, select from a set of default point symbols, or create a point symbol using an AutoCAD Block. For more information about creating an AutoCAD Block, see AutoCAD Help.

Assign a point style to a drawing point either when you create the point or import the point. Use either the Prospector Points list view or the Point Editor to change the point style. The point style referenced by a point is not necessarily the point style used to display the point in the drawing. For more information, see Controlling the Appearance of Points in a Drawing.