Cross Sections (Road Design)

The following table compares the differences in terminology between cross section (road design) features in Land Desktop and AutoCAD Civil 3D:

Land Desktop AutoCAD Civil 3D
Draw Template

Create Assembly

  • Subassemblies – From Catalog
  • Subassemblies – From Polyline
Design Control

Corridor Model Properties

  • Parameters
  • Targets

Assembly Properties

View/Edit Sections View/Edit Corridor Section or Section Editor
Ditches/Transitions Alignments/Profiles

Subassembly logic

Corridor Model Properties – Targets

Sample Existing Ground Create Sample Lines
Section Plot Settings Sample Line Group Properties
Section Plot Create Views (Section)
  • Single
  • Multiple
List Section Data

Inquiry Tool Section View

Inquiry Tool Section

Label Sections Section Label Styles

Section View Styles

Section View Band Styles

Section View Labels

Total Volume Output Quantity Takeoffs
Surface Volume Output Composite Volumes Panorama utility

Volume Surface

Road Output Corridor Model Surface