Export Parcel Analysis Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to export multiple inverse or mapcheck parcel analysis reports to a chosen location.

NoteTo perform a Mapcheck Analysis on parcel labels, click General menu Mapcheck Analysis. For more information, see Performing a Mapcheck Analysis.
Destination File

Specifies the file name and the location to export the analysis report to. Enter the name and file path into the edit box or click to browse to a location. The edit box will default to the last used location.

Analysis Type

Inverse Analysis

Specifies that Inverse analysis type is used for the parcel.

Inverse analysis provides a sequential report of directions and distances, start and end coordinates, curve data for each parcel segment starting at a specified Point of Beginning (POB), and parcel area.

Mapcheck Analysis

Specifies that Mapcheck analysis type is used for the parcel.

Mapcheck analysis provides the same information as Inverse analysis, except that all start and end coordinates for each parcel segment are computed relative to the coordinates of the POB and the previous segment, using the labeled precision of the parcel segment’s direction and distance/curve data. Therefore, error is introduced and accumulated so that the coordinates of the last segment will not equal that of the POB. This is termed ‘error of closure’. Mapcheck reports check the plotted drawing for omissions of segment labels to avoid errors that may be introduced into legal documents, such as deed descriptions.

Enable Mapcheck Across Chord

Enables map check across chord. This setting is available only if Mapcheck Analysis is selected.

If mapcheck across chord is enabled, the Mapcheck traverse is calculated for curve segments using their chord length. Otherwise, it is calculated using their curve length.

Process Segment Order Counter Clockwise

If selected, segments are processed in counter-clockwise order.

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