Tool Palettes
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Tool palettes provide convenient access to a variety of tools and content.

Tool palettes are a standard feature in AutoCAD. You can open tool palettes using the ToolPalettes command, or from the ribbon.

Tool palettes provide access to both AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D tools and content. For example, the AutoCAD Civil 3D tool palettes provide access to subassemblies and assemblies that you can use in corridor design. They also provide access to civil engineering related render materials and multi-view blocks.

The AutoCAD tool palettes provide access to items such as AutoCAD render materials, AutoCAD multi-view blocks, and AutoCAD visual styles.

You can drag and drop an item from a Tool Palette into the drawing to insert it. Any prompts that are required for inserting the item are displayed at the command line.

Tool palettes can be customized to suit your needs. For more information on working with tool palettes, see Tool Palettesin AutoCAD Help.

For information about adding render materials to a drawing from a tool palette, see Adding Materials to Drawings.

For more information about working with the Content Browser and tool palettes, see Adding Content to a Tool Catalog in the Content Browser Help.