The AutoWideningCriteriaInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodAutoWideningCriteriaInfo
Initializes a new instance of the AutoWideningCriteriaInfo class


Public propertyAttainmentMethod
The attainment method.
Public propertyCriteriaFileName
The name of the criteria file.
Public propertyLaneWidth
The lane width.
Public propertyLeftLanesCount
The number of left lanes.
Public propertyMinimumRadiusTableName
The name of the minimum radius table.
Public propertyRightLanesCount
The number of right lanes.
Public propertySpiralPercentForSC
The percent spiral for spiral curves.
Public propertyTangentPercentForTC
The percent tangent for tangent curves.
Public propertyTransitionLengthTableName
The name of the transition length table.
Public propertyWheelbaseLength
The wheelbase length.
Public propertyWideningMethod
The name of the widening method.
Public propertyWideningSide
The side to apply the widening to.

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