This exception is thrown when the value for a PointGroup field in a query is invalid.

A PointGroupQueryInvalidPointGroupValueException is thrown by the PointGroup.SetQuery() method when the query sets the PointGroup field to an invalid value. This happens when the PointGroup field is set to a point group name that does not exist, or when it is the name of the point group on which the query is being set.

Namespace: Autodesk.Civil.DatabaseServices
Assembly: AeccDbMgd (in AeccDbMgd.dll) Version: 10.3.488.0


public class PointGroupQueryInvalidPointGroupValueException : ArgumentException
Visual Basic
Public Class PointGroupQueryInvalidPointGroupValueException _
	Inherits ArgumentException
Visual C++
public ref class PointGroupQueryInvalidPointGroupValueException : public ArgumentException

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