The Baseline type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetAppliedAssemblyAtIndex
Gets the AppliedAssembly by index.
Public methodGetAppliedAssemblyAtStation
Gets the AppliedAssembly by station.
Public methodGetDirectionAtStation
This method returns a Vector3d indicating the direction at the specified station.
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public methodGetTargets
Gets the targets information.
Public methodSetAlignmentAndProfile
Sets the Alignment and Profile objects associated with this baseline.
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public methodSetTargets
Sets the target information. The pass in updatedTargets should be got from method GetTargets().
Public methodSortedStations (Overrides BaseBaseline..::..SortedStations()()()().)
Public methodStationOffsetElevationToXYZ(Point3d)
Returns a world coordinate (in the format X/Y/Z) from a SOE baseline coordinate (Station/Offset/Elevation).
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public methodStationOffsetElevationToXYZ(Point3d%) Obsolete. (Inherited from BaseBaseline.)

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