The PartFamily type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddPartSize
Adds part one or more part sizes to this part family.
Public methodRemovePartSize(ObjectId)
Remove a part size of given object id from this parts family.
Public methodRemovePartSize(Int32)
Remove a part size at given index from this parts family.


Public propertyApplication
Gets the Application associated with the DBObject. Not implemented.
(Inherited from DBObject.)
Public propertyBoundingShape
Gets the bounding shape type if the part is Structure, or it's undefined.
Public propertyDescription
Gets the part family description
(Overrides DBObject..::..Description.)
Public propertyDocument
Gets the Document associated with the DBObject. Not implemented.
(Inherited from DBObject.)
Public propertyDomain
Gets the part domain
Public propertyGUID
Gets the GUID of the part family
Public propertyItem[([( Int32])])
Gets the object id of the part size at the index under the part family.
Public propertyItem[([( String])])
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name.
(Inherited from DBObject.)
Public propertyPartSizeCount
Gets count of part sizes under this part family
Public propertyPartSizeFilter Obsolete.
Gets the part size filter record through which you can set the corresponding properties to specify what part sizes you want to have under this part family.
Public propertyPartType
Gets the part type
Public propertySweptShape
Gets the swept shape type if the part is Pipe, or it's undefined.

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