The ProfileEntity type exposes the following members.


Public methodDesignChecks
Gets the collection of applicable design checks.
Public methodValidateDesignCheck
Validate a specific design check on this entity.


Public propertyConstraint1
Gets the entity constraint of the profile entity.
Public propertyConstraint2
Gets the construction constraint of the profile entity(by CurveLength, Radius etc.) In UI it is shown as Constraint Type Desc.
Public propertyEndElevation
Gets the curve end elevation.
Public propertyEndStation
Gets the curve end station.
Public propertyEntityAfter
Gets the ID of the profile entity that follows the current entity.
Public propertyEntityBefore
Gets the ID of the profile entity that precedes the current entity.
Public propertyEntityId
Gets the identifier of the profile entity.
Public propertyEntityType
Gets the profile entity type, either Tangent, Circular, ParabolaSymmetric or ParabolaAsymmetric
Public propertyHighestDesignSpeed
Returns the highest speed in the station range.
Public propertyLength
Gets or sets the curve length.
Public propertyMinimumKValueHSD
Gets the minimum K value for headlight sight distance.
Public propertyMinimumKValuePSD
Gets the minimum K value for passing sight distance.
Public propertyMinimumKValueSSD
Gets the minimum K value for stopping sight distance.
Public propertyStartElevation
Gets the curve start elevation.
Public propertyStartStation
Gets the curve start station.

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