The BaselineRegion type exposes the following members.


Public methodAdditionalStations
Public methodAddStation
Adds a station to the BaselineRegion.
Public methodClearAdditionalStations
Public methodDeleteStation
Removes a station from the BaselineRegion.
Public methodGetOverriddenStations
Gets the information of the overridden stations.
Public methodGetTargets
Gets the targets information.
Public methodMatch
Match the assembly, frequency parameters and target from sourceRegion.
Public methodMerge
Merges the regions in the range specified by first and last region into current region.
Public methodRemoveOverriddenStation
Removes a overridden station from region.
Public methodSetTargets
Sets the target information. The pass in updatedTargets should be got from method GetTargets().
Public methodSortedStations
Public methodSplit
Splits the baseline region.


Public propertyAppliedAssemblies
Gets the collection of AppliedAssembly objects associated with this BaselineRegion.
Public propertyAppliedAssemblySetting
Gets the information of the way to apply assembly.
Public propertyAssemblyId
Gets or sets the ObjectId of the Assembly associated with this BaselineRegion.
Public propertyCorridorId
Gets the ObjectId of the Corridor this BaselineRegion is associated with.
Public propertyEndStation
Gets or sets the number of the end station for this BaselineRegion.
Public propertyIsProcessed Obsolete.
Gets whether this BaselineRegion is processed.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name of the BaselineRegion.
Public propertyNeedsProcessing
Gets or sets whether this BaselineRegion is built during corridor rebuild.
Public propertyOffsetBaselines
Gets the collection of OffsetBaseline objects associated with this BaselineRegion.
Public propertyStartStation
Gets or sets the number of the start station for this BaselineRegion.

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