The Corridor type exposes the following members.


Public methodExportFeatureLinesAsCogoPoints(String, CorridorPointCodeSelector)
Exports the corridor feature lines indicated by the specified codes collection as COGO points.
Public methodExportFeatureLinesAsCogoPoints(String, CorridorPointCodeSelector, ValueType)
Exports corridor feature lines as COGO points.
Public methodGetLinkCodes
Gets all link codes of the corridor.
Public methodGetPointCodes
Gets all point codes of the corridor.
Public methodGetShapeCodes
Gets all shape codes of the corridor.
Public methodGetTargets
Gets the targets information. The returned object can be modified and passed to SetTargets() to update a corridor's subassembly targets information.
Public methodRebuild
Forces the corridor to rebuild.
Public methodSetTargets
Sets the target information. The updatedTargets parameter is a SubassemblyTargetInfoCollection object that should be obtained from the GetTargets() method.

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