The OffsetBaseline type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetDirectionAtStation
This method returns a Vector3d indicating the direction at the specified station.
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public methodGetOffsetElevationFromMainBaselineStation
Returns the offset and elevation at the specified station.
Public methodMainBaselineStationToOffsetBaselineStation
Returns the offset baseline station value from the specified main baseline station.
Public methodOffsetBaselineStationToMainBaselineStation
Returns the main baseline station value from the specified offset baseline station.
Public methodSetAlignmentAndProfile
Sets the Alignment and Profile objects associated with this baseline.
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public methodSortedStations
Gets the sorted stations for the baseline.
(Overrides BaseBaseline..::..SortedStations()()()().)
Public methodStationOffsetElevationToXYZ(Point3d)
Returns a world coordinate (in the format X/Y/Z) from a SOE baseline coordinate (Station/Offset/Elevation).
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public methodStationOffsetElevationToXYZ(Point3d%) Obsolete. (Inherited from BaseBaseline.)


Public propertyAlignmentId
Gets the ObjectId of the referenced Alignment object.
(Overrides BaseBaseline..::..AlignmentId.)
Public propertyBaselineType
Gets the baseline type.
(Overrides BaseBaseline..::..BaselineType.)
Public propertyCorridorId
Gets the ObjectId of the Corridor object associated with this baseline.
(Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public propertyDirectionAtStation Obsolete. (Inherited from BaseBaseline.)
Public propertyEndStation
Returns the end station value for the baseline.
Public propertyEndStationOnMainBaseline Obsolete.
Gets the end station on the main baseline.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the offset baseline name.
Public propertyProfileId
Gets the ObjectId for the referenced Profile object.
(Overrides BaseBaseline..::..ProfileId.)
Public propertyRelatedOffsetBaselineFeatureLines
Gets related offset Baseline FeatureLines.
Public propertyStartStation
Returns the start station value for the main baseline.
Public propertyStartStationOnMainBaseline Obsolete.
Gets the start station on the main baseline.

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