The BandSetItem type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBandStyleId
Gets the style ObjectId for the band.
Public propertyBandType
Gets the data band type.
Public propertyGap
Gets or sets the distance between the current data band and the adjacent view grid or data band.
Public propertyLocation
Gets the position of the band, either the top or bottom of the view.
Public propertyMajorInterval
Gets or sets the band major interval distances for views.
Public propertyMinorInterval
Gets or sets the band minor interval distances for views.
Public propertyShowLabels
Gets or sets a boolean value that specifies whether the labels are shown on the band.
Public propertyStaggerLabel
Gets or sets the location of the label staggering line.
Public propertyStaggerLineHeight
Gets or sets the height of the label stagger line.
  1. Thrown when the Band type is not ProfileData or SectionData.
  2. Thrown when the StaggerLabel is NAMESPACE_CIVILSTYLE::StaggerLabelType::None.
Public propertyWeeding
Gets or sets a double value that specifies the label exclusion distance.

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