Exporting Point Data


Export drawing points to an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access .mdb file.

Before you export points, you must create a point file format that describes the layout of the point data in the point data file. By default, all points in the drawing are exported. To export only selected points, select Limit To Points In Point Group.

A point file format describes how the point data is arranged in the file. For example, in a drawing, point properties include point number, name, description, northing, easting, and elevation. If you want to export only point number, description, and elevation, you must export points using a point file format that defines column names only for point number, description, and elevation. For more information, see Understanding Point File Formats and Creating Point File Formats.

In addition to exporting point properties, you can also export grid northing, grid easting, latitude, and longitude if a coordinate zone and transformation settings are defined for the drawing.

You can perform a coordinate transformation on the points as you export them. To export the point data so that it is written to the point data file using a different coordinate zone from the current drawing, specify an option that performs a coordinate transformation of the point data as it is exported. To transform the point data, your point file format must have a coordinate zone defined. For more information, see Point File Format Coordinate Zone Transformation Property.

You can export either all the points in a drawing or you can export selected drawing points using a point group.

To export point data

  1. Create a point file format that describes the layout of the exported data file. For more information, see Creating Point File Formats.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Output tabExport panelExport Points to export all the points in a drawing.
    • In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the Point Groups collection. Right-click the point group name Export Points to export only the points in a point group.
  3. In the Export Points dialog box, in the Format list, select the point file format that describes how you want the exported point data to be arranged in the point data file.
  4. Click to specify the file to which you want to export the data.
  5. Optionally, specify advanced options.
  6. Click OK to export the points.


Click Output tabExport panelExport Points


Click Points menuImport/Export PointsExport PointsAt the Command prompt, enter ExportPoints.

Toolspace Context Menu

Prospector tab: right-click Points collection Export

Command Line


Dialog Box