The Toolspace Toolbox Tab


You can use the Toolbox tab to access the Reports Manager and subscription extensions and to add custom tools.

Right-click collections and items to access commands.

The Toolbox tab of Toolspace is the primary interface for running reports and extensions. Like the Survey tab, you can show or hide the Toolbox tab as needed.


The Toolbox tab organizes reports for each object type. The reports provide useful engineering data from a drawing in a compact, portable format. Some are in LandXML format, with predefined or custom XSL style sheets. Other reports are .NET format, with custom dialog boxes that allow you to select the data and various options.

You can add your own reports to the Toolbox menu. These reports can be in a variety of formats, including XML, VBA, COM, or .NET.

Subscription Extensions

When you install subscription extensions, they are added to the Subscription Extension Manager collection in the Toolbox.

To open or close the Toolbox tab


When the tab is in the “open” state, the button has a blue background . When the tab is in the “closed” state, the button has a white background .


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General menuToolbox

Command Line


  • The Toolbox Tab Icons

    Use the icons at the top of the Toolbox tab to edit report settings, to display the Toolbox Editor, to display the Panorama window, and to access Help.

  • The Toolbox Tree

    Use the Toolbox tree to access the reports available in the Reports Manager, to access Subscription Extensions, and to access other custom tools.