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Survey Figures


You can use the Survey Toolspace and Survey Figure commands to create and edit survey figures, as well as to perform figure inquiries, identifying figures, and checking them for exact course and closure.

Tutorial: Outputting Survey Information

  • Creating Figures

    When you create a figure, it is stored in the survey database and may be also inserted into the active drawing depending on the Survey User Settings. Create a figure by either entering coordinates or referencing an existing point, and then giving a distance and direction to the next point.

  • Survey Figure Commands
  • Editing Figures

    Adjust the point data in a defined figure. After you enter the adjusted data, you can update and rename the figure.

  • Creating Non-Tangential Curves in Figures

    You can use the following commands to create non-tangential curves in the Survey Command Window.

  • Modifying Figures

    Use the Modify Figure commands to add points, segments and vertices to existing figures.

  • Editing Figure Elevations and Figure Geometry

    Use the feature line editing commands to edit survey figure elevations and figure geometry.

  • Figure Inquiry Commands

    Use either the Figure collection in the Survey Toolspace or the Survey Command window to access Figure Inquiry commands to identify figures, obtain closure information, and determine the area and perimeter for the figures in your drawing.

  • Labeling Figures

    Annotate either the lines and curves of a survey figure, or the area of a closed survey figure.