Drawing Templates


Use drawing templates to eliminate duplication of effort and to help maintain consistency across drawings.

You start a new AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing using a template file. An AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing template can contain standard AutoCAD information, such as AutoCAD settings and layers, and AutoCAD objects, such as lines and text. In addition, it can include any AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing information that is listed in either the Settings tree (including AutoCAD Civil 3D settings, styles, label styles, tables, description keys, and point import/export formats) or the Prospector tree (including any AutoCAD Civil 3D object, such as point groups).

Templates are listed under the Drawing Templates collection in the Prospector tree Master View.

The Drawing Template File Location path on the Files tab of the Options dialog box specifies where AutoCAD Civil 3D templates are located.

To use drawing templates

  1. In the Toolspace Prospector, click Master View from the drop-down list.
  2. Expand the Drawing Templates collection and right-click a template to:
    • Create a new drawing based on the template.
    • Open the template.