Working with ESRI ArcGIS Data
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AutoCAD Map 3D supports ArcGIS 10 and 9.3.x in a 32-bit environment.


This functionality affects geospatial feature data only. For information about linking records in an external database to objects in a drawing, see Overview of Linking Database Records to Objects. For information about moving data between DWG and ArcSDE format, see Migrating DWG Data to GIS.

What ESRI ArcGIS Schemas Support

The following geometry types are supported:

The following connection capabilities are supported:

The following schema capabilities are supported:


To use the ArcGIS provider, you must have ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software version 10 or 9.3.1 or equivalent ArcEngine Runtime with a valid license. For ArcSDE Geodatabases, an accessible ArcSDE server must be present to access ArcSDE data.

For more information about installing the ESRI ArcGIS software, refer to ESRI documentation.

To edit features from ArcSDE, they must be registered with Geodatabase and version-enabled. You can verify these settings in ArcCatalog and modify them if necessary. In the Catalog tree, right-click on the feature class to check. ArcSDE feature classes without the proper settings will be read-only.

Restrictions of ArcGIS Schemas

The ArcGIS provider does not support the following:

Working with ArcGIS Data