Drawing Cleanup

Drawing cleanup helps you improve the accuracy of your maps, correct common map errors (resulting from surveying, digitizing, scanning errors, for example), and remove unnecessary detail from complex maps. This is essential when you need accurate and complete maps suitable for defining topologies, performing map analyses, or plotting and presentations.


To clean up objects in a map

To save drawing cleanup settings as a profile


Click Tools tabMap Edit panelClean Up.At the Command prompt, enter mapclean.


This functionality is for drawing objects only. There is no equivalent for geospatial features.

Drawing Cleanup is a sequence of pages that guide you through specifying the set of objects to include in a drawing cleanup operation, the objects to anchor, the cleanup actions to perform and the settings to use, how to treat the objects after cleanup, and the error marker settings (for interactive mode only).

Drawing Cleanup includes the following pages:

Select Objects

Select Actions

Cleanup Methods

Error Markers



Load a profile file that contains drawing cleanup settings you saved previously.


Save your drawing cleanup settings in a profile file for later use.


Move to the next drawing cleanup page.

Displays the Select Actions Page.


Do not use Drawing Cleanup to correct topologies; you might make a topology invalid and not be able to recreate it. To edit topologies, use the topology editing commands.