• Understanding Survey

    You can use the AutoCAD Civil 3D survey features to download, create, analyze, and adjust survey data. The survey features extend the functionality of AutoCAD Civil 3D by streamlining the process of transferring field-captured survey data to and from the office.

  • Survey Settings

    Before using the AutoCAD Civil 3D survey features, review and modify the settings that define survey user defaults, drawing settings, database settings, and equipment settings.

  • Survey Field to Finish

    Refer to this section for a description of the commands you can use to import and process survey data in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

  • Adding and Editing Survey Data

    You can use AutoCAD Civil 3D to add and edit survey data.

  • Survey Figures

    You can use the Survey Toolspace and Survey Figure commands to create and edit survey figures, as well as to perform figure inquiries, identifying figures, and checking them for exact course and closure.

  • Survey Analysis and Output

    You can use analysis tools, such as Least Squares, to make adjustments in Survey Networks as well as individual traverses. Use the menus on the Survey Command Window to input survey data using the command line.

  • Survey Command Reference

    You can use commands to quickly access survey functionality.