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Observations are measured to survey points in relation to a setup.

You use the ToolspaceSurvey tab and the Observations Editor to add, edit, and manage observations at a specific setup.

In addition to creating and editing observation at a specific setup in the Observations Editor, you can create observations using the Survey Command Window.

Observations are used to measure locations on the Earth's surface that have been determined by surveying (geometric) methods. You can locate points by known coordinates, or in reference to some other known location, such as an angle and distance from an existing point.

When automatic point numbering is off, you must specify the point numbers. If automatic point numbering is on, the points are automatically numbered. Subsequent points are assigned the next available number in sequential order. For information about setting automatic point numbering, see Setting Survey Command Options.

It is helpful to establish a point numbering system for all your projects. A recommended point numbering method might be to number traverse points sequentially, starting with 1. If the job contains fewer than 100 traverse points, then number all sideshots observed from point 1 with numbers 101 to 199, and sideshots taken at point 2 with numbers 201 to 299. This method makes it easy to determine where any given point was observed from.